Tips for Capturing Compelling Videos

These days you don’t need to be a professional videographer to capture amazing videos.

With the recent launch of our Video Competition 2017, we’ve put together a video guide you can use for capturing those special holiday moments – all via your smartphone.


1. Tell a story

No matter how long or short, storytelling is key. Our video competition is looking for a brief glimpse of what makes your holiday special to you. Think about those every day occurrences which are be best suited for video, that way you can prepare in advance.

2. Shooting different angles

If you have the luxury of time, try shooting the same scenes from several different viewpoints. You can use iMovie or AndroVid – Video Editor for merging Iphone & Android video clips.

smart phone tripod3. Keep the camera steady

As you’re unlikely to have a tripod, you will need to have a steady hand. Avoid significant movements (like running) as audiences will be able to better focus on a clip that has smooth picture quality. For those who might be looking for added stability, you can pick up a tripod for less than £2.

4. Don’t use digital zoom

It might sound like a good idea (especially for more timid subjects like wildlife) but when you use digital zoom it can lead to blurry video. Try to get as close as possible to the person, object or critter you’re trying to capture.

5. Lighting

Try and find a brightly lit setting for your video. Smartphone cameras typically have small image sensors, therefore if you try to record in a dark environment, it will produce grainy video. For the best results try to avoid backlighting and direct overhead spotlights.

Many smart phones have auto exposure features however this is often slow in adjusting from one scene to the next, so watch out if filming from a dark/shaded areas into bright ones (& visa-versa).

6. Shoot for your intended platform

When filming with your smartphone shoot in landscape or square, otherwise you’ll end up with two large black bars on the sides. Also remember the social platforms for our video competition (Instagram & Facebook) are best suited to landscape / square recording.

7. Trim unnecessary content

We’ve all left our finger over the microphone or unintentionally press record. Remember most videos won’t be shot from the best start / end points. To showcase a professional looking video trim it down to the best bits.

Does your phone run on IOS or Android?

Try using iMovie or AndroVid – Video Editor for merging Iphone & Android video clips into a single video recording.

8. Keep it short

A 10 minute long YouTube tutorial might be the optimal length for the required instructions, but generally speaking, shorter is better. Also remember Instagram has a 60-second maximum recording length.