A typical day working at Ladram

I was recently set the task of enthralling and inspiring a young work experience student by giving her an insight into my daily life at Ladram Bay Holiday Park.

It was at this moment I realised not only how varied my day to day schedule is but also what a bizarre experience and introduction to the working world I could give my subject! Having tried to explain myself and the nature of working for a family business I now feel eager to offer you all the chance to be enlightened and somewhat bemused by my typical day in the office!

Carla’s day ahead

carlas mug8.30am

Computer on, ‘Little Miss Organised’ mug filled up and the daily social media correspondence begins. Once all messages are replied to in my friendly, yet professional tone of voice across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I’m sure to set the daily updates as…


Phone rings – offered information to a potential guest on our fabulous entertainment offering… No doubt I’ll get interrupted!


Sort through the latest job applications we’ve received for all departments at Ladram Bay and pass through to the relevant management staff. In peak season we employ over 150 staff, all of which need to have a contract which reminds me, I have 4 new starters to provide with company documents and contracts.

Camera crew photographing at Ladram Bay9.45am

Time for major-planning mode as I dedicate a large chunk of my morning to organising all aspects of arranging both a film and photo shoot at our sister park, Castle Brake. As Marketing and Events Manager I love to organise, plan and create and spend my morning hiring film makers, a photographer plus a plethora of beautiful people (aka Models). I plan the finer movements such as borrowing bikes, and setting up food shots in order to prepare the intricate plans for next week’s’ shoots.


Still feeling inspired I indulge my love of writing and ‘The Lookout from Ladram’ my weekly editorial within local papers and my insert for the Monthly parish news are completed. With so much to write about at Ladram Bay I’m never stuck for words… in fact it’s quite the opposite!

Phone rings (a fair few times throughout the morning) – I’m connected to one of the world’s best sellers and I’m told for the fourth time this week ‘Guide X is the one and only that we should be advertising in for next season’ – research obtained, I will in due course revert to said salesperson and use my charm and experience of Turkish bartering to lower the price suggested to that of a more respectable ‘Mates Rate’.

 glamping pods with blue chairs12.10pm

A quick wander up to our stunning new Glamping pods which are just being accessorised with sky blue deckchairs and matching ‘glow-in-the dark’ guy ropes – essential for the walk back from the Live Entertainment venue, The Three Rocks. With my photos taken and saved for content later in the week I’m back to the office super quick.


We’re in need of some new signage to raise awareness of our beautiful Holiday Homes on site. A phone call, brainstorm (if you’re still allowed to call it that!) and a quick measure up of the new location and I’ve spoken with the designers and will await their design proofs.

A few updates on social media, with a recurrent theme of furry, enlarged, hyperactive Mascots and my student is quickly getting the idea of the versatility needed in a role like mine!


Received an email in Dutch, and with the wonderful help of Google I’ve translated to English and all make’s sense! It’s time to update our profile online for potential foreign visitors. Being located in such an exquisite part of the UK with stunning scenery we attract visitors from far and wide, think I should work on my language skills!

Ladram Bay golf mascot winner1.30pm

A quick spot of lunch and I’m beeping and bleeping left, right and centre … it appears that our visitors have started to arrive on park!

I’m often out and about and have the pleasure of attending marketing workshops, networking events and tourism attractions throughout the year for reciprocal marketing but today I’m playing host to…‘Mascot Adventure Golf Championship 2016

The Mascots are here, and the fight is on to achieve status of Champion! After an afternoon of giggles, challenges, photos and of course expert golfing skills, our winner is announced. This year’s victor is Buddy Bear from Crealy, Devon. It’s been a true spectacle for our guests and after the obligatory final photo opportunity it’s time for a well-deserved cream tea!

pebbles-restaurant-ladram-bayThe final part of my day consists of networking with our guests and being the ‘font of all knowledge!’ at Ladram Bay as our visitors ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ in admiration of our fabulous recently refurbished Pebbles Restaurant. After all their hard work, the panoramic view of the bay really is appreciated and we all get chatting on ways in which we can become more involved within complementary joint ventures.


Back to the office for a final push to get today’s photos and press release out asap. Photos, videos and updates are posted and emailed in order to update our online followers and reporters of today’s activities!


Just about finished for the day, I wave goodbye to my weary work experience student and check my diary for tomorrow before heading home hoping to have motivated and encouraged my young apprentice to work hard and stay focussed with her career aspirations whilst enjoying the variety of today’s modern working world.

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