Mascots Golf Championship 2016

Ladram Bay tee’d off the summer holidays with the annual Mascot Golf Championship held on July 14th.

Each Mascot was vied to putt their way to victory and follow in the footsteps of 2015 winner – the Woodland’s Hero.

A total of 12 Mascots made the final cut and this star studded event led Ladram Bay to amended our clubhouse membership policy to allow birds of prey and pigs to participate.

Below is the final scorecard of the event:

Player Profile



2016 Result

Buddy-Bear-Crealy Buddy Bear Crealy Adventure Park 1st
Cavog-of-Kents-Cavern Cavog the Cave Man Kents Cavern 2nd
Angus-Wolrd-of-Country-Life-Mascot ‘Appy Angus World of Country Life 3rd
Pickles-the-Parrot-Golf-Mascot Pickles the Parrot Ladram Bay Group Stages
Ozzie-the-Otter Ozzie the Otter  Ladram Bay Group Stages
Woodlands-hero-mascot Woodland’s Hero Woodlands  Group Stages
Ambrose-the-bear-mascot  Ambrose the Paramedic Bear  Devon Air Ambulance Group Stages
Hawkridge-Chalky Chalky  Hawkridge Birds of Prey New Entrant
Pippa the mascot from pennywell farm  Pippa  Pennywell Farm New Entrant
 Seaton-Tramway-Gillert Gilbert  Seaton Tramway New Entrant
Lucky the donkey mascot Lucky The Donkey Sanctuary New Entrant
Ledley-LED-leisure Ledley LED Leisure New Entrant
Grecian-the-lion-ecfc-mascot  Grecian the Lion  Exeter City Football Club Withdrew from the event

Competition Summary:

The Mascots were split into three groups with additional challenges along the way. After a close competition the winner was Buddy Bear from Devon’s Crealy who exhibited a flawless putting technique and nerves of steel. Having both won their heat, the 2nd and 3rd placed spots went to Cavog from Kents Cavern and ‘Appy Angus from World of Country Life,

Pictures from 2016’s event All Ladram Bay Mascots Golf Championship characters

Mascots Golf Championship 2016 characters

Mascots Golf Championship 2016 other characters


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