Red Arrows Over Ladram Bay

During late August 2015, guests of Ladram Bay will be able to watch the Red Arrows as they pass over the South Coast en route to aerobatic displays in Sidmouth, Dawlish and Torbay.

The date that really excites the Ladram team is the Sidmouth Regatta display on 21st August. We would recommend watching from the lookout point but for those wanting a panoramic vantage point, nothing beats High Peak Hill.

Please see below for dates of interest for those staying at Ladram Bay:

For a full list of Red Arrows display dates and venues please visit the RAF website.

The Red Arrows (officially known as the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team) are amongst some of the best pilots in the world and are famous for their ‘diamond nine formation’ – pictured below:


Interesting Facts about the Red Arrows:

  • Flight-Lieutenant-Kirsty-Moore-The Reds have no reserve pilots, a 10th pilot simply would not be able to learn the intricate manoeuvres of any of the 9 positions nor would they perform often enough to fly to the required standard.
  • If one of the pilots is ill or injured the team flies an eight-plane formation.
  • If the Team Leader, known as ‘Red 1’ (the plane at the front), is unable to fly then the team does not display.
  • Each pilot retains the same position in the display lineup during a season.
  • The pilots spend 6 months (October – April) practising for displays during the summer months.
  • Pilots are not permitted to wear their red flying suits until they are awarded their Public Display Authority (PDA) at the end of winter training.
  • Pilots wear a green flying suit during training sessions.
  • In 2010 Flight Lieutenant Kirsty Moore (pictured right) became the first female display pilot.
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