Green Fingered Projects

We’re very proud to have yet again achieved the Gold David Bellamy Conservation award for 2016/17 and are also pleased to be part of the BBKA Honey Bee Pledge. Here on park we’d love to show you a little more of our current undergoing green efforts led by Head Gardener Scott Rowe.


Public Footpath Rejuvenation

Ladram Bay Public Footpath RejuvenationNon-native species

Remove non-native species such as Laurels






Foxgloves into rotten wood at LadramIntroduce more native species

Introduce more native species ie Tree, Flowers and Ferns including Beech Trees, Pines Trees and foxgloves. This includes planting Foxgloves into rotten wood. (pictured below) Controlling the amount, yet keeping stinging nettles provides a great location for Butterflies to lay eggs on the underside and protect insects.



Tree-stumps-6596Creating habitat piles

Making habitat piles out of logs and tree stumps to encourage more insects, larvae, hedgehogs, and birds. Stumps are left to encourage decay which in turn becomes a ‘Holiday park for the insects!’ (Although these may be tempting to move or touch.



Native hedgerow plants

Introducing more native hedgerow plants including Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Spindle, Hazel and Field Maple to grow alongside the Elms and Hollies.


Tit boxes

Future introduction of Tit boxes to encourage new birds to park.


coronet-cuts-in-trunk-6618Coronet cuts in trunks

One dead tree along the footpath has received coronet cuts into the top of the trunk. These will speed up the rotting process and encourage nesting birds. In due course this area will be covered with Ivy and provide a fantastic home for woodpeckers.



Scott and the team are also working on;

Rejuvenation-of-banked-areas-at-Ladram-6608Rejuvenation of banked areas

Weeding out and removal of dock leaves and brambles to encourage more wild flowers such as Henbane and Yellow rattle. Currently the area has been spot-treated individually and will soon be strimmed. Watch this space for spring flowers later in the year!




Smugglers Horse shoe Experiment

Smugglers Horse shoe Experiment

Encourage more Ericaceous plants within the area of the park which has the most acidic soil, plants include Azaleas and Rhododendrons. Currently added more log piles, removed brambles, thinned out trees and will be adding tit boxes soon.




Organic plant supports Ladram BayOrganic Plant supports

Harvested from Birch on park and made to support the plants within the beds. Currently in use within the flower beds by the Sales Office.






Winter Flower bedsWinter Flower beds

Planting a selection of winter-flowering plants suitable for coastal exposure. Evidence of these new beds can be seen towards the front field.






Barney’s hospital bed

Barney’s hospital bed

When any plants need to be moved around the site due to developments etc they are housed within Barney’s hospital bed. This bed includes a huge variety of species and can be enjoyed throughout the season. In future, we hope to be able to propagate from this bed.



Scott and the team have also managed to replant the flower beds on park with plenty of new varieties of plant for 2017. This can sometimes be a challenge within the shaded areas so a great deal of work is done to research and carefully select the most suitable species for the area. Given the fact that we’ve currently no greenhouse or poly tunnels at Ladram Bay, our Groundskeeping team are doing a fantastic job of propagating and harvesting on park and we’re delighted with the ongoing work they are achieving.




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