Caring for your caravan this spring

With preparations for the touring season underway we thought we would put together a checklist for caravan care, enabling your touring caravan or holiday home to shine on its pitch during your first trip of the year.


Must-have Caravan Gadgets

As we prepare for the start of our 75th anniversary season at Ladram Bay Holiday Park it’s time to start planning your next caravaning getaways.  (more…)

A Guide to Caravan Winter Maintenance

As we head into the backend of the 2017 season, the task of clearing out your beloved caravan  (more…)

Quick & Easy Tomato Risotto

Our first holiday cooking guide of spring 2017 is possibly our easiest to date, all you will require is a microwave & 8 readily available ingredients. (more…)

Your Definitive Guide to Leisure Lodges

With over 70 years experience in all things camping, caravanning and holiday home related, Ladram Bay know a thing or two about what makes our holiday park accommodation special. However this week we thought we’d take a step back and ask a higher authority about what goes into making a holiday home and where better to start than the source – a holiday home manufacturer. (more…)

The A-Z of Towing a Caravan

At Ladram we see all abilities of caravan tower; from the tentative amateur to the seasoned pro who backs his portable home up like a Devonshire farmer in the back lanes. The truth is, most sit somewhere in the middle of the two of the spectrums. As the old saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’, so let’s get things started with our A-Z guide for towing a caravan. (more…)